Town Clerk / Voter Registration

As the Town’s official record keeper, it is the mission of the Town Clerk’s Office to:

Store, maintain and access the Town’s official documents.

Efficiently perform those responsibilities assigned to it by state and federal statutes, the Middletown Town Charter and Middletown Town Code.

Cooperate and interact with the Town administration appointed and elected officials as well as fellow employees in creating an efficient accountable governing entity.

Offer knowledgeable assistance to professionals who utilize the services of this office as well as the general public for whom the Town Clerk’s Office is often its only interaction with municipal government.

Wendy J.W. Marshall, CMC, Town Clerk/Canvassing Clerk

Additional Information

Karin Clancey, CMC, Deputy Town Clerk

Office (401) 847-0009 or (401) 849-5540

The following functions are within the purview of the Office of Town Clerk

Town Charter & Ordinances, Town Council Agenda, and Dockets & Minutes are available by clicking on Clerkbase. The documents are available in a searchable database containing Town Council minutes dating back to 1996.


The goal of the Middletown Voter Canvassing Department is to ensure the Town’s citizens are accurately voiced in each Municipal, State and General Election; and to serve the Town Council and the citizens of Middletown by registering as many new voters as possible and encourage all citizens to vote.

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Town Clerk / Voter Registration

Contact Information

Wendy J. W. Marshall,CMC
Town Clerk/Canvassing Clerk

Contact Town Clerk / Voter Registration
Phone 1 (401) 847-0009
Fax 401-845-0406

350 East Main Road
Middletown, RI 02842