Town Clerk / Voter Registration

Licensing & Registrations

The Town Clerk’s Office issues applications and licenses for Additional Hours of Operation, Alcoholic Beverage, Amusement, Billiards, Billiards on Sunday, Bingo, Bowling Alley, Bowling Alley on Sunday, Carnival, Circus, Dog, Firearms, Fortune Teller, Going Out of Business Sale, Hawker’s, Holiday Sales,  Itinerant Vendors, Junk Yard, Kennel, Mechanical Amusement, Mobile Food, Peddlers, Private Detective, Special Events Permit, Sunday Sales, Tattoo and Victualling House.

To obtain a license or permit, use the following link

Contact Information:      Wendy J.W. Marshall, CMC, Town Clerk

Karin Clancey, CMC, Deputy Town Clerk

Phone:   (401) 847-0009